Beyond Collapse

Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch


I’ll answer the big question first: Why am I giving this thing away for free in electronic form, but sell the book in paper form? I mean, heck, I even want you to print off a copy if you cannot bring yourself to buy the book (just, well, don’t use the printer at work – they frown on that sort of thing).

The answer is real simple… prepping takes a bit of time and resources to accomplish. It also costs a bit of money, which is something many folks in this economy don’t have a lot of. However, I want as many people as possible to prepare so as to minimize the damage once civilization does go ‘splat. It sounds impossible, but if enough folks put away some resources and get themselves prepared, humanity stands a better chance overall.

Another, almost equally important answer is that I refuse to profit off of fear. All too many writers in this genre do it for the one thing they claim is about to disappear any day now: money. Personally, if collapse is impending that soon, then why accept worthless paper? Why not sell in exchange for gold, silver, or goods in a full-on barter situation? Me, I approach this differently. Yes the paper book is for sale, but you’re more than welcome to print your own. If you like what you read, feel free to purchase a copy on paper and keep it in a cool, dry place for future reference.


Tinfoil-Free Zone

I am fully involved in prepping and with the prepping community, I categorically refuse to subscribe to any theories concerning collapse. I do not gear anything towards any given catastrophe, since the odds vary, and preparing for one pet theory would mean lacking in preparations towards others. Some catastrophes simply cannot be credibly prepared against. For example, if a 300-mile wide asteroid slammed into the Earth, everything will be heated to the boiling point of steel to a depth of two miles below ground. Good luck prepping against that one. Even on lesser scales, you simply cannot account for everything, because literally anything can happen. You can average the odds and pick the most likely, but, well, what you think to be most likely may not be what happens. Therefore, your best bet is to do what you can in general, and use news/events to guide where you want to focus your later pre-collapse efforts. The important part is to watch society and government closest of all, then take your cues from there.

Potential causes aside, an even more insidious and counter-productive activity is the futile watching or “warning” against alleged shadowy groups. these groups are further alleged to be driving civilization into the dirt. Somehow, the theories almost always involve a tight cluster of super-rich power-brokers (usually of a given ethnic group) who conspire to turn the masses into slaves. Think of a bunch of¬†James Bond¬†villians banded together, but without the cool lair. Alternate versions include plans to kill off the vast majority of humanity (with a small percentage kept as slaves, etc.) or a nihilistic band out to destroy everything. Long story short – it’s all bunk. All but an infintesimal fraction of it can be destroyed by simple logic. The rest is largely made-up. Good luck convincing the proponents, though. Besides, selling conspiracy is profitable business – and business with these folk is unfortunately good.

My goal is a lot simpler – the real world is frightening enough, and the odds of a real collapse of civilization are getting close enough with each passing month as it is. I require no assistance from crazy made-up conspiracies (or worse, racial/ethnic hatreds) to get my point across. I think you will agree, no?

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